LS Swaps
LS Swaps

LS Swaps

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We provide THE HIGHEST quality LS swaps to quickly and affordably convert your vehicle to modern ENGINE technology and reliable operation.  . . so you can enjoy your older car or truck the way you've always wanted.

Our expert Cartist carefully research, select, plan, negotiate, repair, buy, install, and service all of the below components & systems that may be involved with an LS swap for older cars and trucks.

Engines, transmissions, ECU, suspension, exhaust, a/c, water cooling systems, fuel and more.  If you can dream it, we can build it!

** Please note that we only handle LS swaps and specialty services for 1974 and older cars and trucks. We do not handle, and will not offer a consultation around, LS swaps for any cars 1975 model year and newer.

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