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Custom Services

We provide a full range of customized services that will fit all our customers’ needs. Included but not limited to:

Customized Retro Mods

Roller and project location

Shaved and custom Door Handles

Custom Paint

Chopping a Top

Ground Effects

Body Kit Installs

Custom Interior

Custom Body Kits

Performance brakes (cross drilled, slotted rotors)

Fuel and Ignition Upgrades


Turbo Chargers and Intercoolers

Door Poppers / Lambo-Gull wing Doors

Full Suspension Upgrades

Leveling kits / Lowering Kits / Coilovers

Cold Air Intake Kits

Custom Grills and Chrome Accessories

Bumpers, Grille guards, Step bars

Custom Services


Vintage Air

We install Vintage Air bolt-in climate control systems to classic and late model muscle cars, street-rods, restomods, and trucks. We use Vintage Air and other sure fit kits that install easily and utilize most of the factory sheet metal and body features, and that are engineered as "vehicle specific" complete systems. With the ever-increasing value of classic cars and trucks, particularly Corvettes, "pony cars," and muscle cars of the '60s, these kits are engineered to be installed using as many of the factory-drilled holes and brackets as possible to maintain the vehicle's value. In some cases, very minor adjustments or an extra hole may be required. This is because all auto manufacturers made changes to their vehicle assembly designs during production runs.

The Vintage Air kits we used are designed to place the evaporator case and air duct hoses behind the dash for a factory-clean look. In most cases, the systems will be controlled by your stock dash controls using exclusive patented "Cable Converters." In some applications, a new "factory" look control panel is included with the kit. Some early truck kits must use additional switches.

All systems provide and installed have full OEM-style operations including air conditioning, floor or vent exit heating and a powerful dehumidified defroster. To retain a true factory look, the A/C air exits through the factory dash louvers, if originally equipped in your car's dash.

 Specialty Wiring

Hideaway or tuck wring. When you want your engine bay to look sleek and wire free, it can be as simple or complex as you want it.  Here at S&S Services, we can strip the engine compartment of just about every visible wire, move the battery to the trunk, strip the power steering and air conditioning, and leave nothing but an engine floating in a suddenly cavernous engine compartment.

Those big, black, thick wiring harnesses that come out of the firewall area and run along the top of the fenders are nasty looking. These wires power things like radiator fans, headlights, turn signals and other important things. The best way to hide those ugly wires is, to "tuck" them into the fenders. We get this done by removing the fenders and front bumper, drill a hole on each side of the unibody and run the harnesses through the freshly-drilled holes and pull the entire harness, connector and all, underneath the fender. 

LS Swaps

We provide THE HIGHEST quality LS swaps to quickly and affordably convert your vehicle to modern ENGINE technology and reliable operation.  . . so you can enjoy your older car or truck the way you've always wanted.

Our expert Cartist carefully research, select, plan, negotiate, repair, buy, install, and service all of the below components & systems that may be involved with a LS swap for older cars and trucks.

Engines, transmissions, ecu, suspension, exhaust, a/c, water cooling systems, fuel and more.  If you can dream it, we can build it!

Fabrication and Welding

High quality custom fabrication, specializing in Tig welding aluminum, stainless steel, Turbo Kits, High performance exhaust systems, chassis builds, sheet metal, roll cages, custom tubing, specialty brackets, shifters. Our fabrication specialist can craft top quality parts designed to fit your individual needs.


If you are looking to gain a few more horsepower without the need of a complete engine overhaul, or you want to make sure that your upgrades are providing you with all you want from overall performance, bring it in for tuning.  We can easily tune your engine under varied loads and speeds particularly helpful when you have modified your engine.  If problems such as misfires, or flat spot at a particular rev range, tuning is always recommended.

Carburetor tuning-adjusting the amount of air and fuel that is allowed providing more fuel and air to the engine. A worn out or badly set up carburetor can waste fuel, perform badly and cause serious damage to your engine. It is particularly important when the engine has been modified. Precisely providing the right fuel requirements for any engine.

Carburetor balancing- out of sync carburetors can cause your engine to couch, tick over erratically and sputter possibly causing damage to other parts of the engine.

Ignition timing is crucial to any engine and important to remember that its average power not peak power accelerates your car.  Getting the ignition timed right improves mid-range torque throttle response, fuel consumption and overall temperament of the engine.

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